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Changing Hearts & Minds

Feb 9, 2020

CHM015- “SPECIAL EPISODE” 1917 (Review- Spoilers!)



When you think of war dramas that have defined the war they depict you likely think of Saving Private Ryan for WW2 or Platoon for Vietnam. Director Sam Mendez paying tribute to his Grandfather Alfred Mendez who stories of his service in The Great War (WW1) as a message runner filled his youth with awe. This brilliant film is not based on real soldiers of history but is inspired and very similar to some of the wars battles and missions. CHM finds this film to be one of the best War Films to ever be made and it full of heart and reality that as a combat veteran Jeff cannot seem to shake the way the film made him feel and has a different opinion on the story and its not so easy to figure lesson. Michael Whelan from Unresolved Podcast and Dan from 1289 podcast join Jeff and give a Spoiler filled review and interpretation of this instant classic.




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