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Changing Hearts & Minds

Mar 8, 2022

This is a quickly thrown together episode on the evenst going on in Eastern Europe.


The editing and audio are not what a regular episode would be. 


Here are some of the links we spoke about at the end of the episode:


Jan 19, 2021

CHM026- Battle of The Aleutian Islands



Empire of Japan after bombing Pearl Harbor invaded United States soil. The battlefields of World War II make their way onto U.S. land.



Nov 29, 2020

Retire Marine Officer and Hollywood Legend Dale Dye joins CHM Podcast to talk about his career and projects.




Oct 26, 2020

CHM023- Ernie Pyle




Indiana born war reporter Ernie Pyle, won the Pulitzer Prize for his body of work during World War 2. His love of the dogfaces infantryman of the U.S. Army in both theaters was something to honored. His writings and life are one of the forgotten stories of the history of warfare. This...

Sep 29, 2020

CHM022- Texas Revolution



The Aftermath of the massacre at the Alamo left the Texians shocked, angry, and unified. Sam Houston and the growing numbers in his new Texian Army fight the Army of General Santa Anna for the independence of the Republic of Texas.